Peace and happiness be upon you.


‘How connected and happy you are in life is directly proportional to the outcomes of your life. To attain bliss you must become everconnected.’

Excerpt from "Simple Meditation"

Mission is to bring
peace and happiness

Bring Peace to Humankind and help suffering humans worldwide.

Sarvamaya had a happy and prosperous childhood, but His tender heart wept silently for the suffering human beings and felt a great vacuum in not knowing the purpose of life.

Sarvamaya went into seclusion and did His research and contemplation over more than a decade and experienced many ups and downs, and even went near death in pursuit of finding life's purpose. He retired from life around 2008 and entered a period of deep contemplation in 2010 for nearly three years, and reached Enlightenment in end of 2012, and thereafter became illuminated and subsequently Liberated from life.


‘When you realize the Ocean of Consciousness that connects everything, you attain enlightenment and become liberated in life.’