Welcome 'seekers'

Welcome seekers of truth towards the ascension of your consciousness.  Delve into a journey of self-discovery and transformation towards attainment of enlightenment. Liberates your consciousness with your true identity, and realise the ‘True Self’.

Find the answers to the most fundamental of questions like ‘What is life?”, “Who Am I?’ and other existential questions in a simple way and understand the process of self-inquiry.

To understand Consciousness has been a great challenge for scientific and philosophical minds throughout the ages, which has baffled and eluded researchers and experts on it. It is indeed as if that the knowledge and understanding has been given to only select few throughout ages, remaining beyond the grasp of words – only those with ‘eyes of the mind’ could see. This Ocean of Consciousness is Sarvamaya. Anyone who has glimpsed into the Ocean of Consciousness has had their lives changed forever.

Those who attained understanding of Sarvamaya have claimed to experience the beyond, referring to such as ‘enlightenment’, ‘nirvana’, ‘samadhi’, ‘buddhahood’, and in various other ‘ways’ using multitude of words. This experience of the Ocean of Consciousness is of timeless, boundless nature, and all-encompassing. To attain the understanding of Sarvamaya has been the lifelong quest of seekers, sages, mystics, and to find this Divine Ocean of  Sarvamaya, the Ocean of Consciousness, the EverConscious, has been a dream only few dreamt.

Now this ‘knowledge’ is brought closer to humanity than ever before!\

Discover Who You Truly Are

Discover your true self and understand the true nature of reality. Fulfil the purpose of your life, attain a meditative living process.


Sarvamaya teaches the Simple Way of meditation, connecting you with the ancient ways to the time-tested and proven meditative methods and disciplines, helping bring about complete transformation of life.


Achieve the goals in your life following multi-stepped proven approach to achieve health, physical and mental wellness, and fulfilment in life wherever you are, and regardless of your circumstances.

Healing Communities

Earn blessings and achieve ‘healing’ through serving and working with a community of helping humans who join together as a supportive community of  from all over the globe.


Your pathway to 'Enlightenment' and 'Illumination'

“Sarvamaya” is a Sanskrit word meaning “All-encompassing”, referring to an attribute of a consciousness that is ‘omnipresent’. Your ‘Chitta’ or ‘consciousness’ may attain the state of Sarvamayahood, or Everconsciousness, i.e. the next state after awakening. It is the mission of Sarvamayas’ to help everyone experience the Ocean of Consciousness and attain bliss, and fulfilment in their lives through the liberation of their consciousness. Learn from the wisdom of Sarvamaya, the Ocean of Consciousness. Attain liberation of your ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Chitta’.

The ocean of consciousness is something which has to be experienced rather than spoken about. The truth travels through the drama of one’s life and augments lives completely through miraculous small events along the way. One who is Everconscious and aware of these recognise quickly and easily. Sarvamaya’s ‘Way’ is for sincere seekers who shall attain enlightenment and bring Peace to Humankind and achieve Divine Illumination along the way towards harnessing happiness and peace.


Easy steps to help you progress towards enlightenment


Learn the knowledge you need to experience ‘truth’ from whichever level of understanding you possess and from wherever you happen to be.


Empower your consciousness to embrace ‘reality’, acknowledging the true nature of reality and in the attainment of self-realisation.


Join healing circles and bond with your spiritual family and friends from all over the world, overcoming depression, anxiety, solving life’s problems together easily.

Peace, Purpose, Fulfilment, (Seva)

Achieve peace, find purpose of your life from wherever you are. Join the loving humanitarian community and be in service to bring peace to humankind and manifest your purest intentions.