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The Way of Enlightenment

Welcome seekers of truth and experiencers of reality. We have extended dedication and support to alleviate the confusions and acheve ascension of your consicousness to helping humans worldwide

Understand the process of self-inquiry, and the most fundamental of questions like ‘What is life?”, “Who Am I?’ and other existential inquiries in a simple way. Delve into a journey of self-discovery and transformation towards attainment of enlightenment. Liberates your consciousness with your true identity, and realize the ‘True Self’. The Ocean of Consciousness is Sarvamaya. Anyone who has peeked a view into The Ocean had their lives changed forever. It is an experience like no other.


Learn the Simple Way of meditation, this is your unique opportunity.


Achieve health, physical and mental fitness, and wellness in life.


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About Sarvamaya

To understand Consciousness has been a great challenge for scientific and philosophical minds throughout the ages. It has even baffled and eluded even the most experienced master practitioners of it. As if, the knowledge and understanding of this has been given to only select few bodies throughout ages, and has remained beyond the grasp of words. Those who have gained an understanding of it have claimed to experience the beyond, with some calling it enlightenment, nirvana, samadhi, buddhahood, and many more. This experience of the Ocean of Consciousness is of timeless, boundless nature, and all-encompassing. The understanding of it is the lifelong quest of seekers, sages, mystics, to find this Divine Ocean of Consciousness of Sarvamaya, the EverConscious.


“Sarvamaya” is a Sanskrit word meaning “All-encompassing”, referring to an attribute of a consciousness that is ‘omnipresent’. Sarvamayahood is attained by the Everconscious ones, who are in the next state after awakening, in a state of destiny manifestation. It is the mission of Sarvamayas to help everyone experience the Ocean of Consciousness and attain bliss, and fulfillment in their lives through the liberation of their consciousness.


Discover Who You Truly Are

Discover your true self and understand the true nature of reality. Be on your way to fulfil the purpose meant for your life, attain a meditative living process rather than reactive one.

Learn from the wisdom of Sarvamaya. Experience the truth and be on you way to your liberation.

Easy steps to help you progress towards enlightenment

Knowledge (Gyan)

Learn the knowledge you need to expereince truth from whichever level of understanding you may be in. Achieve from wherever you are.

Consciousness (Chitta)

Empower your consciousness to embrace reality with the acknowledgement of true nature of relaity and attainment of self-realization.

Community & Support

Join the loving humanitarian community and be in service to bring peace upon humankind to manifest your purest intention by good karma (deeds).

Peace, Purpose, and Fulfilment

Achieve peace in life from whatever your situation happens to be; Find the purpose of your life from wherever you are; be fulfilled;

“The ocean of consciousness is something which has to be experienced rather than spoken about. The truth travels through the drama of one’s life and augments their lives completely through miraculous small events along the way. One who is conscious and aware of these recognize quickly and easily. Sarvamaya’s Way is for sincere seekers who shall attain enlightenment and bring Peace to Humankind and Divine Illumination along the way to happiness and peace.”