“Sarvamaya” is a Sanskrit word meaning “All-encompassing”, referring to an attribute of a consciousness that is ‘omnipresent’.

The self-realized, awakened consciouness, through sadhana, can attain connectedness with the Universe and its Ways. As the identity of individual consciousness transcends beyond the physical body, the who being attains bliss and fulfilment. In that state of the illuminated consciousness, the external universe embraces and considers such ‘beings’ as aligned with the Universe’s Ways. Those enlightened, illuminated, and capable of seeing the true nature of reality and enables consciousnesses’ to connect with the universal consciousness, can attain Sarvamayahood or become ‘Sarvamaya’ – an all-encompassing state of the ‘Chitta’.

Sarvamaya are the Everconscious ones, who are in the next state after awakening, in a state of destiny manifestation.